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Orange County Bookkeeper Services

Scott Hukriede, CPA is professional CPA with deep experience as an Orange County Bookkeeper. He is well equipped to handle all of your business’ bookkeeping needs, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll monitoring, tax records, banking, credit card record-keeping, and every other aspect of financial reporting. Scott Hukriede, CPA’s CPA service offers you full-charge bookkeeping, account controls and management, and utilization of powerful financial software programs. Whether your business transactions are primarily in cash, use a full accrual approach, or a modified accrual approach, Scott Hukriede, CPA has the expertise to help you succeed.

The basic duties of a full-charge Orange County Bookkeeper will typically include such things as daily transaction entries, constant maintenance of detailed, up-to-date accounts, and daily, weekly, or monthly reporting on your business’ financial situation. Many bookkeepers will also handle your payroll process or, at least, make a record of all payroll transactions processed by another party. In either case, you get full records of gross wages, tax deductions, and all other payroll expenses and liabilities. Scott Hukriede, CPA can provide you with any of the above services, and you are free to choose which specific items you desire assistance with and precisely how you prefer the records to be kept.

More specific Orange County Bookkeeper duties that Scott Hukriede, CPA can provide you with include full handling of the following: vendor bills and bill-payments, client invoices, payments, and deposits, time-tracking and job-cost reports, classification of expenses, account reconciliation, sales tax filing, and sales commissions. Somewhat more advanced services at your disposal include: budgeting and forecasting, inventory management, 1099 form processing, tax and audit support, cash-flow statements, and profit and loss statements. Scott Hukriede, CPA is a full-service CPA with extensive bookkeeping skills, and if you have any special needs or requests, you can feel free to consult with him about it.

The overall benefits of using an Orange County Bookkeeper are many and varied, but the most important ones include the following: confidence that a seasoned financial expert is handling all of your transaction records, constant access to your up-to-date and accurate records, and the ability to focus your time and efforts on managing your business instead of dealing with the rote, financial details. Scott Hukriede, CPA has gained a reputation for fast, accurate, and accessible bookkeeping services in Orange County, and he has many clients in all of the following locales: Anaheim, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Brea, Fullerton, Westminster, Long Beach, Riverside. Scott Hukriede, CPA also offers a $25 discount towards your next consultation, so do not hesitate to contact him for help with all of your bookkeeping needs.