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Orange County CPA Services

Scott Hukriede, CPA is an experienced Orange County CPA who offers a wide range of services to both businesses and individuals. He understands the legal and financial realities that people in Orange County face every day, and he works hard to ensure that every one of his clients is served in a prompt and courteous manner. To assist local Orange County businesses, Scott Hukriede, CPA offers a full array of services that have helped his many commercial clients improve their bottom line. These services include such things as payroll and sales tax returns processing, business accounts management, financial record-keeping, accounting control mechanisms, and general business finances advice.

A second area of service that Scott Hukriede, CPA is well equipped to handle involves assisting law firms in preparing for and winning their cases. Scott Hukriede’s broad expertise in business finances make him an Orange County CPA in high demand among local legal practices. By providing accurate valuations of business’ net worth, analyzing their financial records, working to ensure full discovery of all business assets, and providing expert testimony in court, Scott Hukriede, CPA gives law firms the kind of litigation support they need to be successful.

A third area of Orange County CPA services that Scott Hukriede, CPA provides is business and personal tax services. This includes both federal and state tax return preparation, optimization of current deductions and credits, and long-range planning to minimize tax payments in the future. Scott Hukriede, CPA is also skilled at representing his clients before the IRS or state-level tax board. He knows the details of tax laws and can assist you through an audit or other trying situation. Finally, he also offers individuals and families expert advice on best budgeting practices, goal-setting and achievement, debt reduction and restructuring, investment portfolios, retirement planning, and more to enable his clients to obtain a high level of financial stability.

Scott Hukriede’s fourth and final main area of financial expertise as an Orange County CPA is in the arena of estate planning. The threat is very real that governments and lawyers will consume a large portion of what we leave behind and wish to bequeath to our children or other loved ones. By carefully planning out your estate well in advance, it is possible to secure a smooth transition of your property with minimal loss. Scott Hukriede, CPA has the knowledge and experience to assist you in the wise handling of your business and personal financial affairs. He offers a $25 discount to all first-time clients and serves all Orange County with his expert CPA services, including the cities of Anaheim, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Brea, Fullerton, Westminster, Long Beach, and Riverside.